Installation online
17.11. – 22.11.2020

Cell phones on their way through three continents
Documentary film by Daniel Kötter (D)

Since 2013, curator and urbanist Jochen Becker and filmmaker and director Daniel Kötter have been researching the cultural effects of economic and political relations between China and the African continent.

From birth in the mines in Kolwezi, Congolese, to production in Chinese factories in the Pearl River Delta, to use and death in the markets and recycling dumps in Lagos, the cell phone camera sends images of the trade and use of its own production to the cell phone display of visitors. It was filmed by mine workers, factory workers, traders and electronic waste collectors at the original locations in Congo, China and Nigeria. The documentary film by Daniel Kötter shows the work on the device that shapes our everyday life.

Artist Talk with Director Daniel Kötter and Juana Awad, Curator/Cultural Scientist