Urban Africa, Urban Movies: Future & Utopias

Since 2020, the thematic focus URBAN AFRICA, URBAN MOVIES has placed urban Africa and its cinematic reflection in current African cinema at the center of a four-year program.

African filmmakers provide the material for emancipation and empowerment debates on the relevant future issues of our time – from the question of how people in the Global South would like to live in the future to the discussion on the consequences of digitalization, networking and social development from an African perspective. What might a polycentric, networked world of the future look like, in which the world’s innovative centers are no longer located only in the “West” but also in the Global South, in African metropolises?

“Africamera 2023: Urban Africa – Urban Movies: Future & Utopias” presents a selection of cinematic (future) visions from the metropolises of the African continent that imagine a future beyond Western patterns of imagination. It will also feature recent film highlights that have premiered and won awards at major international festivals such as Cannes and Sundance, including the Nigerian production MAMI WATA (Nigeria, France 2023) by C. J. ‘Fiery’ Obasi and BANEL & ADAMA (Senegal 2023) by Ramata-Toulaye Sy.

In addition to Kino Arsenal and BrotfabrikKino, fsk Kino and Sinema Transtopia have been secured as festival venues.

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