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by Aïcha Macky
Niger, France, Germany | 2021 | 82 min | OV with Engl. Subs

Zinder is the second largest city in Niger and the setting for this impressive documentary about violent gang and youth culture in the town.
In her second feature film, director Aïcha Macky, herself born in Zinder, follows the three protagonists Siniya, Bawo and Ramsess, members of the gang “Hitler”, through their everyday lives in the Kara-Kara district. The neighborhood, formerly built as a ghetto for lepers, is characterized by unemployment, poverty and lack of access to education. The camera follows the gang members
in a reserved manner, without judging or commenting. In the struggle for survival between gang, bodybuilding, red light district and family, there is always hope of breaking the cycle of violence.


Director Aicha Macky
Director Aicha Macky

Aïcha Macky was born in 1982 in the Republic of Niger and earned a master’s degree in sociology and documentary film at Gaston Berger University in Senegal. Her first short film was “Moi et ma maigreur / Me and My Thinness” about the perception of the thin body by the inhabitants of Niger. She continued her training at Contrechamps and Maggia Images (Niger) and worked as an assistant for numerous feature films and documentaries. “The Fruitless Tree / L’Arbre sans fruit” (2016, also presented at AFRIKAMERA) was her first documentary film, which was screened worldwide and won several awards.