The Disqualified

16.00h ARSENAL

by Hamza Ouni
Tunisia, Qatar, France | 2020 | 114 min | OV with Engl. Subs


In his long-term documentary made over a period of twelve years, Tunisian director Hamza Ouni follows the eccentric Mehrez in his hometown of El Mohammedia. At the age of 25, Mehrez decides to enlighten and challenge a community of unemployed, frustrated youth with the means of theater. With heart and soul, as well as all the financial resources at his disposal, he throws himself into teaching and his troupe begins to flourish. Suddenly, however, Mehrez finds himself in prison, and his plans are on the verge of collapse …

THE DISQUALIFIED lets the audience* participate in the contradictory life of a gifted dancer and actor who struggles daily with himself and the contradictions of his country.

Director Hamza Ouni.
Director Hamza Ouni.

Hamza Ouni, Tunisian filmmaker, born in 1975 in El Mohammedia, where he still lives today. After a first cycle of film studies at the North African Film Institute, he continued his education at the School of Arts and Cinema in Tunis, where he specialized in screenwriting. He then participated in a series of workshops on screenwriting. “El Gort,” his first feature-length documentary, which was screened as a world premiere at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival, received the Best Filmmaker Award in the Arab World and an International Criticism Award from the International Federation of the Film Press (FIPRESCI). He also received the 2014 Talent Dove at the DOK Festival in Leipzig and the Bronze Tanit
in Carthage.