by Adolf El Assal
Egypt / Luxembourg / Belgium 2020 | Feature film | OmeU I 86 min
in presence of the director and actor Eric Kabongo



Adolf El Assal’s tragicomedy SAWAH tells of the odyssey of the young Egyptian DJ Samir, whose plane is suddenly diverted to Luxembourg due to a strike on his way to a DJ festival from Cairo to Brussels. As if that weren’t enough, his luggage is lost along with his passport and music recordings, and he is mistaken for a refugee. From then on, he is stuck in a country he doesn’t know and meets people who want to help him get to Belgium and make a name for himself as a DJ. At the same time, a revolution breaks out in his home country…

ADOLF EL ASSAL, born in Alexandria (Egypt) in 1981, grew up in Dubai, London and Luxembourg. After studying film directing at Kingston University in London, he participated in music clips and short films for television. In 2008, Adolf El Assal produced the no-budget film Divizionz, which was presented at AFRIKAMERA and other events. Later, in less than two weeks, he shot his first feature-length film, the guerrilla film Reste bien, mec! (2009). Since then, he wrote, produced and filmed award-winning short films such as La Fameuse Route… (2010) and Mano de Dios (2010), both presented at the Luxembourg City Film Festival. In 2012, he realized his second feature film Les Gars. Sawah (2019) is his third feature film.

Eric Kabongo is a Belgian actor, and musician. He was born in the Republic of Congo, left home at the age of 13 and grew up in a small Flemish village in Belgium.
Eric Kabongo has been in front of the camera for film and television since 2013. He became known in Germany in 2016 with the film “Willkommen bei den Hartmanns” as Diallo Makabouri. In 2017, he was awarded the German Comedy Prize and the Bambi Film National 2017 for this leading role.