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Med Hondo
Mauritania / Burkina Faso / France 1986 | Original version with subtitles | 120 min

On January 2, 1899, a column led by the French generals Voulet and Chanoine was sent out from French Sudan to fight the black Sultan Rabah in what is now southern Niger. The colonialists left a trail of destruction on their way south. While neighboring peoples either show no willingness to fight or even collaborate with colonialists, Sarrounia, the legendary Queen of the Azna, opposes the colonial terror mission…
Inspired by the novel of the same name by the Nigerian writer Abdoulaye Mamani, AFRIKAMERA is showing SARRAOUNIA, a classic by the French-Mauritanian filmmaker Med Hondo, who died in 2019.

The Battle of the Black Queen was presented at the 1986 FESPACO film festival, where it was enthusiastically received by the African audience and awarded with the main prize. In France, the film was shown in only five cinemas instead of 14, as originally agreed with the film distributor, and was withdrawn from the program after only two weeks. Several French artists and intellectuals, including the director Costa-Gavras, felt this was censorship because of the unwelcome subject matter and protested against it, but without success. In other countries, the film was only shown at festivals, including the Berlinale Forum in 1987. For Med Hondo, who was also the producer of the film, the lack of cinema revenues meant personal financial bankruptcy.

Med Hondo, Med Hondo, born in 1936 in Atar, Mauritania, emigrated to France in the late 1950s, where he founded a theater group in Paris and turned to film. In the mid-1960s he began shooting his first feature film Soleil Ô, which attracted international attention. In his subsequent films Hondo dealt with the history of the African continent and its diaspora. He died in Paris in 2019.