Petit Jo, Enfant des Rues


by Daniel Kamwa | South Africa, Cameroon | 2019 | 118 min | OV with German Subs
with an educational program by Rebecca Pokua Korang
in the presence of Daniel Kamwa


“Petit Jo, Enfant des Rues” tells the story of a mixed-race boy in Cameroon who, despite a few strokes of fate, refuses to be diverted from his path.
When Father Moussima finds an abandoned infant in the corridor of the hospital in Bonabéri, his decision is immediately clear: he wants to take care of the boy as a single father. No matter what the neighbors say – he masters the challenges of being a parent with calm and bravura and officially adopts Jo despite all the bureaucratic hurdles. At 12, Moussima sends him to a Lutheran boarding school. When Jo’s foster father dies and he wants to transfer to middle school, he is finally caught up with the past – his birth certificate is missing …

Daniel Kamwa’s film adaptation of the book of the same name by Evelyne Mpoudi Ngollé shows the realities of life for children and young people who, due to the circumstances into which they were born, have to take uncertain and risky paths in life and are left to their own devices, and at the same time the necessity of community in these realities. Kamwa opens up the question of morality, the complexity of good and evil in terms of survival, and highlights the cultural as well as socio-political context of Cameroon.

An interactive contextualization of Cameroon will introduce the film screening. The two-hour film will be shown with an intermission. During the intermission, director Daniel Kamwa will be asked questions about the film, which will serve as reference points for the young audience to continue watching the film. There will be a Q&A after the screening.

The screening will be moderated by Rebecca Pokua Korang. She has been working with AFRIKAMERA since 2017. Rebecca is a performative artist, empowerment trainer and works in mobile youth work in Berlin. Her artistic research focuses on identity, migration and German colonial history in Ghana.


Born in Cameroon, Daniel Kamwa has been in the film business for almost 45 years. After his acting training at the Cours Simon, he was a member of Peter Brook’s theater research group for two years. He then began acting in theater, film and television productions while attending film school at the University of Paris VIII. In 1972-73 he made his first short film “Boubou-Tie” with Marpessa Dawn, the leading actress of “Orfeu Negro” (Palme d’Or at Cannes in 1959 and Oscar for Best Foreign Film in 1960) as his partner. “Pousse-Pousse”, his first feature film, was released in 1975 and became a great commercial success. Producer, writer, director and actor, he is also a dubbing artist in French. He lent his voice to the main characters in “Live and Let Die” – “The Ghost and the Darkness” – “Gorillas in the Mist”, among others, and not to forget he dubbed Morgan Freeman in the role of President Nelson Mandela in” Invictus “by Clint Eastwood