by Tim Huebschle
Namibia | 2019 | 95 min | OV with German Subs
Followed by digital Q+A with Tim Huebschle

Meisie Willemse works as an investigator in the red light district of Windhoek. While trying to help a drunken prostitute, she is knocked down and robbed of her service weapon. When the torso of the prostitute is found in a riverbed, she and her partner Shivute get caught in a whirlpool of unforeseen events. A cynical Yellow Press reporter named Piet Potgieter begins tailing her as she investigates and blackmails her in connection with a dark secret that dates back to just before Namibia gained independence in 1990. And does the mysterious forensic scientist Dr. Schneider have anything to do with the dead women?

The German-Namibian director Tim Huebschle has created with #LANDoftheBRAVEfilm
a dark thriller. Launched in 2014 as a transmedia project, Huebschle’s suspenseful crime story reveals the wounds caused by the abysses of the recent colonial past. Shot with a Namibian cast in Afrikaans and English, the film also features appearances by well-known Namibian artists such as Kwaito artist Gazza Cameo.

Tim Huebschle is a Namibian producer and director. Focusing on compelling stories,
rooted in the real world, has shaped Tim’s filmmaking career since 2000,
culminating in several acclaimed documentaries, fictional films and music videos.
Since co-founding Collective Productions in 2009, he has shot Namibian stories
for the international market, including several episodes for a German documentary series, documentaries for a Chinese news channel, and #LANDoftheBRAVEfilm – which was released in Namibia and screened at international film festivals.