Thursday, 3. November  21.00
Kino Arsenal
Damien Ounouri
Algeria/Qatar/USA 2016 Blu Ray I OmE I 40 min


During a beach excursion, Nfissa, a young mother, is lynched to death by a group of young men, while swimming offshore. Nobody seems to witness her disappearing. Anxiety and fear grow among the family, especially as, on the same beach, bathers suddenly die.


DAMIEN OUNOURI lives and works in Algeria. His first documentary Fidaï (2012), was shown at the International Film Festival of Toronto. KINDIL is his first feature film and celebrated at the International Film Festival in Cannes at the „Sélection de la Quinzaine des Réalisateurs its premiere.


Supporting Film AMAL
Aida Senna
Morocco 2015 DIGITAL I OmE I 15 min

Sonia comes from the working class in Rabat (Morocco). She’s studiously following her 4th year of medical school. She’s preparing to marry Hicham, a doctor. He’s always been her confident, her childhood friend. Little by little, it becomes clear that Sonia and Hicham aren’t a regular couple. By this union, they both protect themselves from heavy secrets. Serious consequences could occur if their families and society came to learn the truth.


AIDA SENNA works as a director, screenwriter, producer and photographer. In 2016 her first short film AMAL was nominated at the 38th Festival International du Court Métrange in Clermont Ferrand. Senna lives and works in France and Morocco.

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