Juju Stories

20.00h ARSENAL

by Abba T. Makama, C.J. ‘Fiery’ Obasi & Michael Omonua
Nigeria, France | 2021 | 84 min | OV with Engl. Subs
German premiere

In JUJU STORIES, the Nigerian film collective Surreal 16, consisting of directors Abba T. Makama, C.J. ‘Fiery’ Obasi and Michael Omonua, ironically deals with the supernatural powers of Juju in a three-part anthology film – beyond common witch doctor clichés. In all three films, life is disrupted – intentionally or unintentionally – by juju’s supernatural powers.
In LOVE POTION, an unhappy young woman in love brews a potion from menstrual blood and corpse water on the advice of a colleague in order to charm the man of her dreams – but the potion has a different effect than expected…

In YAM, Abba T. Makama tells of the consequences when a street urchin picks up money seemingly at random from the roadside. In SUFFER THE WITCH by C.J. ‘Fiery’ Obasi, love and friendship turn into obsession when a young student catches the interest of her crush.


Abba T. Makama is a visual artist and filmmaker. He is the founder and creative director of OSIRIS FILM & ENTERTAINMENT, a creative group that develops ideas and strategies for digital and traditional media. Abba holds a degree in Business Administration from State University New York, Fredonia and studied film at the prestigious New York University (N.Y.U). In 2015, he directed a documentary on the Nigerian film industry titled “NOLLYWOOD – something from nothing” for Al Jazeera. He also produced and directed a number of award-winning short films.
His debut film “Green White Green” had its world premiere at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival, and his second film, “The Lost Okoroshi,” also premiered at TIFF. Makama is also a painter, art lover and has a keen interest in Freudian and Jungian psychology.


C.J. ‘Fiery’ Obasi grew up watching Hammer House horror movies and reading Stephen King novels. As a child, he developed an aptitude for drawing comics. Much later, C.J. hung up his computer science degree at the University of Nigeria (UNN) to devote himself full time to filmmaking.
Obasi, who is also known as “Fiery” or “The Fiery One,” made his feature film debut “OJUJU” – a zero-budget film that premiered at the Africa International Film Festival (AFRIFF) in November 2014 and won the award for “Best Nigerian Film.” OJUJU has been screened at over 30 film festivals. It was followed by the feature film “O-Town”, an arthouse crime thriller and the short film “Hello, Rain”, based on “Hello, Moto” by world-renowned author Nnedi Okorafor. He is currently in post-production on his third feature film, “Mami Wata” – a female-driven black and white fantasy film.


Michael Omonua graduated from the UCA Film School in Farnham and has since directed more than ten short films and one feature film. His films have screened at many film festivals including IFFR, London Short Film Festival, Encounters and AFRIFF. In 2016, Omonua co-founded a collective of filmmakers known as The Surreall6. Their goal, inspired by the Dogme 95 movement, was to set Nigerian cinema on a new course.
The collective established 16 rules and guidelines for making their films. The first anthology short film, “Visions,” was nominated for Best Short Film at the 2018 African Movie Academy Awards.
Omonua served as Director of Photography on Abba T. Makama’s second feature film, “The Lost Okoroshi,” which had its world premiere at TIFF 2019. Omonua’s debut feature “The Man Who.
Cuts Tattoos” had its world premiere at the BFI London Film Festival 2019.