Friday 13 November
Pascal Capitolin, Jean-Marie Ndihokubwayo
Burundi 2014  Blu Ray I OmE I 112 min
Germany premiere
Subsequently discussion with Diane Nininahazwe


We are in the year 2058 in an unknown African country. A man and a woman recapitulate what happened 41 years earlier. In 2017 the population falls victim to a major crisis. The water is contaminated, nothing can be harvested or consumed anymore. As the situation turns even more untenable, society is threatened by the definitive division.


PASCAL CAPITOLIN, born 1967, has since 1997 worked as a filmmaker, writer and sound designer. Since 2010 he has been creating his own documentaries and feature films. For RWAGASORE, a documentary he made with Justine Bitagoye about Prince Louis Rwagasore, symbol of the African emancipation and Burundian independence, he won a prize at the 2014 International URTI Grand Prix for Author’s Documentary.

JEAN-MARIE NDIHOKUBWAYO has since graduation from the Faculty for Communication at Université Lumière de Bujumbura worked as a journalist and filmmaker. His and Francis Muhire’s short film TAXI DRIVER won the “Meilleur Court Métrage” at FESTICAB 2010 Bujumbura.

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