Fati’s Choice

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by Fatimah Dadzie
Ghana | South Africa 2021 | Documentary | OmeU I 45 min
Film and discussion
At the Heinrich Böll Foundation in the presence of the director.
Followed by drinks. Free admission. Please register here


Fati has taken the arduous and dangerous journey from her village in Ghana to Europe. Disillusioned by her time in Italy and driven by the longing for her children, whom she had to leave behind, she returns to her home country. In her village community she encounters incomprehension and resentment. How could she let this chance for a better life for herself and her whole family go by?
The moving documentary by Ghanaian filmmaker Fatimah Dadzie offers a change of perspective that also contrasts the current German migration and especially return policy. What is it like for people to return from Europe? Why does no one want to know about their difficulties in a foreign country and how does social pressure affect migrants? How voluntary is return in the end? Do German programs on return address such realities? What could change?

After the screening, discussion with the director Fatimah Dadzie and Valentin Feneberg (research assistant, Humboldt University Berlin).
Moderation: Kirsten Krampe, Head of the Africa Department of the Heinrich Böll Foundation

FATIMAH DADZIE works as a content producer and communications expert, and has also worked in video and radio production, advertising and new media marketing for more than 10 years. Dadzie holds a BFA degree in Film and Television Production (Animation) from the National Film and Television Institute and a Master’s degree in Communications, Media and Public Relations from the University of Leicester (UK). Fati’s Choice won “Best Feature Documentary” at the 2021 Global Migration Film Festival, among other awards.