Wednesday 11 November
Dieudo Hamadi, Divita Wa Lusala, Kiripi Katembo Siku
DR Congo/South Africa 2010 Beta Digi I OmE I 69 min


In CONGO IN FOUR ACTS three young Congolese filmmakers use the short film format to draw a complex picture of their homeland and observe everyday life from different perspectives.

In ZERO TOLERANCE Dieudo Hamadi and Divita Wa Lusala follow a group of youths in a rural community, who get arrested and handed over to the authorities after attacking a woman

In LADIES IN WAITING Hamadi looks at the absurd everyday of a maternity ward. After delivery numerous young mothers are prevented from leaving the hospital because they can’t pay their bills. The women and their babies, right at the beginning of a new life, are caught in the clutches of poverty and bureaucracy.

With SYMPHONY KINSHASA Kiripi Katembo Siku takes on the ailing infrastructure of the Congolese capital.

AFTER THE MINE  shows the harsh everyday of mining town Kipushi. Siku’s film takes different perspectives on the consequences of the trade with natural resources for the society of the country.


DIEUDO HAMADI, born 1984 in Kinshasa, studied medicine before he dedicated himself to film making. ATALAKU, his first long documentary, in which he followed the elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo, has received several awards.

DIVITA WA LUSALA, born 1973 in Kinshasa, has since 2009 worked as an editor and cameraman for South African production company Suka! Productions

KIRIPI KATEMBO SIKU, born in Goma, worked after his arts studies as producer, photographer and painter, and staged numerous exhibitions as such in DR Congo. In 2015, he died at the early age of 36 of cerebral malaria.

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