MY NAME IS SHERIFF NOW (Work in Progress)

Sunday, 6. November 19.00
Teboho Edkins
Lesotho/South Africa/ Germany 2016 I OmE I 35 min
In presence of Teboho Edkins und Sheriff Mothopeng (main protagonist)


“My name is Sheriff now”, he says, “if you want me to come home and visit my home village you have to learn to call me by my name.” Through his film and personal narration, Sheriff talks to his audiences about gender identity and the frustration of being born the ‘wrong’ sex.  His spectators react with surprise and curiosity, but also offer remarkable warmth, love and acceptance that ultimately encourage him to make his choice.

Teboho Edkins and his main protagonist Sheriff will be present at the screening.

The supporting screening will be SEBONTA by Thabiso Panthoyakgale & Ellen Phooko (South Africa 2016): A young teenage boy transforms from a homophobic bully into openly exploring homosexuality when he unexpectedly falls in love with Karabo, who is expressive and openly gay. Sebonta is caught up in a dilemma between losing control of his gang who are all homophobic and losing Karabo. He ultimately decides to make his feelings for Karabo known by introducing him to the gang. Things falls apart when the gang shuns Karabo and turn their backs on Sebonta, leaving him humiliated. Tragically, as a result of the repressive forces in a conservative society, Sebonta believes the only way out is suicide.


TEBOHO EDKINS (*1980) grew up in Lesotho and South Africa. He studied art at the University of Cape Town and studied at the German Film and Television Academy (DFFB) in Berlin. Since 2004, Edkins is best known for his short films and documentaries about life in South Africa after the end of apartheid.


Sunday, 6. November 21.00
Kunle Afolayan
Nigeria 2016 DCP I OmE I 90 min
German Premiere


TransWire Communications is a global phone network with major operation in Nigeria. The CEO, an expatriate, has retired hence the Global Chairman has decided to send five nominees amongst his most senior level staff across Africa on a Leadership course in order to determine which one to appoint as the new CEO of Nigeria. All five arrive from their respective destinations and check into the beach resort where the course is holding. Although they all appear cordial and chummy with each other, they all know what is at stake – they each desperately want the CEO ‘s chair. And to this purpose, they attempt to covertly outdo one another throughout the duration of the course.


KUNLE AFOLAYAN is a Nigerian actor, producer and film director. Since 2005, he has shot several films, among others The figurine, which won five awards at the African Movie Academy Awards. His film Phone Swap celebrated in 2013 in France Premiere and won the Audience Award at the NollywoodWeek Festival in Paris.