Cairo Jazzman – The Groove of a Megacity


by Atef Ben Bouzid
Germany | 2017 | 82 min | OV with Engl. Subs
In the presence of Atef Ben Bouzid – Q+A


At the center of Atef Ben Bouzid’s documentary is the charismatic Egyptian pianist Amr Salah. With few resources but all the more dedication, he has been organizing the Cairo Jazz Festival since 2009. The film, set to shimmering jazz sounds, provides rare insights behind the scenes of the festival and at the same time offers an unusual view of the Egyptian megacity Cairo and a young generation that longs for a cultural and political awakening and advocates for liberality and openness.

Atef Ben Bouzid, a German journalist, director and producer living in Berlin, has worked for national and international media, specializing in sports, music and society. He is particularly interested in the many aspects of human interaction and communication across cultures and countries. Most recently, Atef Ben Bouzid directed and produced the documentary CAIRO JAZZMAN and celebrated its world premiere at the International Film Festival Rotterdam in 2017.
Most recently, CAIRO JAZZMAN won the Audience Award at the Jazz Film Festival Copenhagen in 2020.