SUN  22 NOV 17:30

Short film program
Algeria / Egypt / Kenya / Madagascar / South Africa / Canada 2017-19 /
75 min

In cooperation with the FESTIVAL CINÉMAS D’AFRIQUE LAUSANNE, AFRIKAMERA presents a selection of outstanding current short films from the African continent.

Michael Matthews
South Africa / Canada 2017  | Original version with subtitles | 8 min

Baxter, a sixteen-year-old high school student, has built a thriving business in pornography that shows sex with fantastic creatures. And he is in love with the enchanting kleptomaniac Esmé. When she is kidnapped by an insane serial killer, things get out of hand. Soon Baxter is on a monster hunt with the run-down bounty hunter Ronin, who introduces him to the secrets of Cape Town’s fantastic underworld…. The 7-minute concept film APOCALYPSE NOW NOW is based on the urban fantasy novel of the same name by South African author Charlie Human. The production, which is managed by the production studios Redlab Digital and XYZ Films, is designed as a teaser for a planned long version of the film.

ZANAKA (Ainsi parlait Félix)
Lova Nantenaina
Madagascar 2019 | Original version with subtitles | 29 min

Q & A Lova Nantenaina

Like so many others, Felix Robson fought for Madagascar’s freedom during the March 29, 1947 uprising against the French colonial regime. Fortunately, the goal of killing all resistance fighters after the uprising was crushed could not be achieved by the French oppressors. Felix also survived and returned to Antananarivo around 1949, where he has since worked as a glazier, married, and had many children. Despite the injustice Felix had to suffer, he does not hold a grudge, but continues to look ahead with a critical spirit to criticize the neo-colonization of Madagascar, which even after independence continues today in the form of exploitation of the country through mining projects and agribusiness supported by Western companies. “If some people want to continue colonization, the Malagasy people must oppose it with a strong ‘no’ vote, regardless of who the colonists are,” said Felix.
With ZANAKA (AINSI PARLAIT FÉLIX) the Malagasy director Lova Nantenaina tells the story of the (neo)colonization of the country in the form of a moving biographical portrait.

Karanja Ng’endo
Kenya 2018 | Original version with subtitles | 5 min

“When color becomes a crisis. Too black to be white. Too white to be black.” In his poetic short film MISFIT, Kenyan filmmaker Karanja Ng’endo takes an experimental look at the effects of albinism and colorism in the black community.

Noha Adel
Egypt 2019 | Original version with subtitles | 16 min

A hot summer in 2018, Bassem, a wealthy, respected university student and soccer madman, goes to a store in one of Cairo’s old slums to close a deal that coincides with the start of Egypt vs. Russia. He watches the game on a sports channel in a street café there, and the craziest of nights begins!

Noureddine Zerrouki
Algeria 2019 | OV | 17 min

In the short film SYNAPSE by Algerian director Noureddine Zerrouki, two men with different handicaps meet during a bus ride – one with a broken leg, the other blind. Two worlds meet, conflicts break out – and in the end a peaceful truth is revealed.