FRI 20 NOV 21.00

Angola 2020 | OV (English) | 72 min

Q & A Fradique & Ery Claver

The first feature-length film by Angolan director and producer Mário Bastos a.k.a. Fradique is a surreal trip through the Angolan metropolis of Luanda. For no apparent reason, the air conditioners attached to the facades fall out of their anchors en masse, killing people in the open street. The government is at a loss. Matacedo, a security guard, sets off at his boss’s behest to have his air conditioning system repaired. On the way he meets the maid Zezinha and ends up in an electrical store run by an enigmatic man named Mr. Mino…

Carried by the jazz soundtrack of the Angolan musician Aline Frazão, AIR CONDITIONER was critically acclaimed at its premiere at the Rotterdam Film Festival 2020. Produced by the Angolan collective Geração 80’s, the film is an expression of the power of young independent Angolan auteur cinema.
Co-author and cameraman Ery Claver was already a guest at AFRIKAMERA last year with his short film LÚCIA NO CÉU COM SEMÁFOROS.

Fradique is considered one of the most talented and expressive voices in contemporary Angolan cinema.
He completed his film studies in the USA and is one of the founders of the production company Geração 80. Among the few films he has directed are the short film Alambamento (2010) and the documentary Independence (2015). The film has been shown at several international film festivals and won the Angolan National Prize for Culture and Arts for the film section. He has also directed art house music videos for Angolan artists such as Nástio Mosquito and Aline Frazão. Fradique is a Berlinale Talent Alumnus and a former graduate of the Realness Screenwriting Residency.
He is currently working on his next feature film The Kingdom of Casuarinas which is scheduled for release in 2022.