AFRIKAMERA 2018 | 13. - 18. November

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Durban International Film Festival
Founded 1979 by the Centre for Creative Arts in the South African metropolis, this years festival will be the 32nd edition. DIFF is counted among the most prominent events on the film scene in Africa. It advocates cultural diversity, tolerance, and the fight against racism and xenophobia. DIFF is an important meeting point for filmmakers who want to launch new projects. It is dedicated to the advancement of African film production and the support of young talents.

The mozambique documentary film festival DOCKANEMA in Maputo was founded in 2006 with the purpose of encountering the neglect of the film industry, caused by the result of the civil war that marred the country for many years. The festival first of all show domestically made documentaries, which for the largest part constitute the local film production, but also movies from other countries. The films thematic is based on both history and current problems. Thus they contribute to education and provoke reflection. In the region, DOCKANEMA is a prominent cultural event and one of the most important meeting points for creative people. The festival offers workshops about film making for young Mozambicans.

Journées Cinematographiques de Carthage (JCC)
The festival was founded in Carthage by the Tunisian ministry of culture in 1966, and is the oldest international film festival in Africa. Since its foundation it every other year has invited film makers to the historical place Carthage, near the Tunisian capital Tunis. Last time in 2010 for the 23rd edition. The film festival of Carthage wishes to promote cinema of sub-Saharan Africa and the Arab word and build a bridge between North and South. Besides awarding the „Golden Tanit“, wokshops, colloquia and encounters between filmmakers and their audience stand in the centre.

Rencontres du Film Court Madagascar
Since the foundation of the short film festival (Rencontres nationales de films courts de Madagascar) in Antananarivo 2006, more than one hundred short films have been screened each year in the Madagascan capital, where no public cinemas exist anymore. The event aims to outline the creative possibilities that lie in the making of short movies, and which assists Madagascan cinema in gaining international recognition. A particular emphasis is put on the education of young filmmakers, who are introduced to professional film production. Young talents are given the chance of reaching a broad audience and to be discovered.

FESPACO was founded in 1969 and takes place every other year in the Burkinean capital Ouagadougou. FESPACO aims to support the dissemination of African film as well as the interchange between filmmakers from North and South. Furthermore, it cares about the protection of the cinematographic heritage of Africa, by restoring and archiving African works of film and video. It is based on the belief that movies are an essential part of the cultural identity as well as a means for the freedom of expression, the creation of awareness and education. A FESPACO award is of great importance for the distribution of the winning films, and the festival is visited by numerous film fans from all over the world, thus making it one of the main meeting points for the film scene connected to Africa. Beside African productions, also films from the African diaspora in North America, Europe and the Caribbean are screened. An accompanying program of workshops and colloquia offer the film talent an educational opportunity – and the filmmakers the possibility of discussing the state of affairs and development of African cinema.

Rwanda Film Festival
The film festival of Rwanda was founded in 2004, ten years after the genocide in the East African country. Central themes of the program are human rights, protection of the environment, socio economic development, as well as health. The film festival of Rwanda not only takes place in the capital Kigali, but allover the country. Mobile screens are erected in villages and offers the villagers the seldom chance of accessing cinema culture. In a state, where the genocide is still as present as ever, and influences many spheres of life, the festival aims at promoting the regional film industry and to build a cinema culture in Rwanda. The organisers currently plan the foundation of a film school.

Kenya International Film Festival
Founded in 2005, the festival has developed into an important meeting point for filmmakers from East and Central Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Djibouti and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
The festival primarily presents movies from the Aglophone Africa and takes place simultaneously in both Nairobi and other cities in Kenya. A special focus lies on documentaries.. Film workshops are an important module of the festival. The theme of the 2011-festival is „Creating Linkages and Connecting People“.