AFRIKAMERA 2017 | 13. - 19. November


Catherine Stewart
South Africa 2015 DVD I OV I 76 min

WHILE YOU WEREN´T LOOKING is an original story, set in Cape Town. The protagonists are gay and lesbian, from all walks of life, whose intertwining tales present a humourous, inventive and dramatic take on contemporary life in South Africa. It is through the eyes and experiences of a cross-section of queers – black, white and coloured, cruisy singles, married couples with children, city and township dwellers, apartheid survivors and born frees, professionals and skollies – that we see the South African contemporary landscape unfold.


CATHERINE STEWART lives in Johannesburg and works as a freelance director, screenwriter and script editor. She graduated from Stanford University in 1988 with an Honours Degree in Literature and Film. She received a Master’s degree in Screenwriting and Directing from Columbia University in 1994. She has written and directed television drama series, mini series and short films for over 25 years.

WHILE YOU WEREN´T LOOKING is her first feature film.




Ndimbira Claudine Shenge
Rwanda 2016 DIGITAL I OV I 14 min

All her life Laura was carrying a big secret in her heart, everything changed within one day when she finally gives in to her strong feeling.


NDIMBIRA CLAUDINE SHENGE lives and works in Rwanda. After studying history, economics and geography, she took several courses at Kwetu Film Institute in Kigali, Rwanda. Since 2014 she has been studying at Maisha Screenwriting Lab.


Hicham Ayouch
Marokko/UAE 2011 DIGITAL I OmE I 13 min

Father and son go on a fishing trip together into the mountains. When the son confesses to the father that he’s gay, the situation escalates: tests of masculinity, rituals, violence, erupting feelings, speechlessness, and finally an unexpected end. Not only does the film attest to family and generational conflicts, but it positions these within an overwhelming landscape (the Rif mountains), which itself becomes one of the agents. Hicham Ayouch was one of six filmmakers invited to make a work by the Sharjah Biennale 10 (2011). As they say is the result.


HICHAM AYOUCH, born 1976 in France to Moroccan parents, lives and works in Morocco. His films include: Cracks (Fissures, 2008), Angel’s Dust (2006), Edges of the Heart (2006) and The King’s Queens (2005).